Monday, July 15, 2024

Four years driving the sub-Sahara’s engine

In the four years since HAE Group started operating in South Africa, growth has continued at double digit rates says director Neville Karai. HAE entered the South African market in 2015 through wholesaler subsidiary Groupair, and Karai says it has been a big success story. As a wholesaler, Groupair offers consolidation, airport to airport, and […]

Never a dull moment for HAE Group

UK-based multi-platform air cargo industry services provider HAE Group admits that working in the Middle East is challenging but worthwhile. Neville Karai, director of HAE Group says: “The economic and political situation around the Middle East always means that there are opportunities for our customers and those across the network and the region is never […]

Default method of communication remains elusive

At its simplest, e-Commerce needs e-Freight to exist. Online orders from foreign customers, international trade that skips borders, have all rapidly grown in many markets. All players in the global e-Commerce supply chains face strict regulations, especially for dangerous goods cargo. Accompanying information to the shipment has to be shared with all parties involved in […]

Global events increasing threat to air cargo security

The threat to air cargo security has never been higher and investments in the latest screening technology are a top priority for industry operators. On 15 July, two terrorists were foiled in Australia and police allege components for an improvised explosive device (IED) were sent to Sydney Airport in an airfreight shipment from Turkey via […]