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Never a dull moment for HAE Group

Never a dull moment for HAE Group

UK-based multi-platform air cargo industry services provider HAE Group admits that working in the Middle East is challenging but worthwhile.

Neville Karai, director of HAE Group says: “The economic and political situation around the Middle East always means that there are opportunities for our customers and those across the network and the region is never dull.”

The region’s aviation market remains strong both on an intra regional and inter-regional basis. “For us particularly, as representing carriers who operate freighters and with improved customs clearance ability and improved handling facilities demand continues to grow,” he says.

“To and from the UAE and North Africa, we believe demand will remain strong as the Middle East remains a hub for East and Northern Africa. UAE also continues to be a transshipment hub for Europe and even for sea-air to US/Canada and beyond. We do not see this changing as it is competitive on price and service.”


Most cargo handled by HAE Group in the region originates there. However, perishables traffic is mostly imported into the region as the only significant traffic in that direction. Most perishables traffic though is either moving on a transshipment basis or is being distributed across the Middle East.

“We have gained business through our representation of Air Astana and DHL aviation, whose services continue to grow. Our regional HQ is Dubai in the UAE – we have a number of agency relationships across the region, allowing us to represent a number of carriers in multiple markets,” he says.

HAE Group has operated in the Middle East since around 2007.
It is a GSSA to a number of key non-competing carriers.

“In addition we also offer our solutions programme to our customers who need us to offer them linehaul solutions where we charter or take BSAs on a variety of carriers so they can fulfill their own contracts,” says Karai.

With its network of overseas offices, the group also offers transshipment and interline solutions from and to the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and North and East Africa, notes Karai.


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