Friday, June 14, 2024

Fashion, smart phones and Formula 1 drive growth at East Midlands

East Midlands Airport enjoyed a record year for cargo, handling almost £10 billion of goods from outside the European Union. The value of non-EU goods was up four per cent compared to the previous year, coming in at £9.935 billion. The total amount of cargo passing through the airport was the highest ever, with 358,477 […]

Free-running explosives dogs next line in UK airfreight security

Dogs that are capable of detecting minute traces of explosives concealed in airfreight are being deployed in cargo sheds at British airports as the UK government introduces its latest measure to reinforce the country’s aviation security. Free-running explosive detection dogs (FREDDs) working in close partnership with their human handlers are being used to check freight […]

CargoLogicAir airs views on aviation with UK government

Senior executives from CargoLogicAir have met with aviation minister, Baroness Sugg to emphasise the airlines commitment to UK aviation and boosting international trade. The minister met with chief executive officer, David Kerr; chief commercial officer, Steve Harvey; technical director, John Nicholas and head of HR, Pamela Rablin during a visit to London Stansted Airport to […]