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Drawing on expert insights and industry indicators, Air Cargo Week will examine factors such as global trade dynamics, growing trends, innovative advancements, and engaging initiatives.

Impact of Baltimore Bridge collapse lingers over supply chains

The recent collapse of the Baltimore Bridge undeniably sent shockwaves through both American and global supply chains. The incident was

Challenges and opportunities in a growing industry

Airfreight companies are experiencing rapid growth but face challenges in meeting demand due to capacity constraints, as digitalisation and standardisation

Surge in interest for latest generation conversions

The freighter leasing landscape in Asia is experiencing a notable surge in interest, particularly in the latest generation of freighter

Enhancing the cool chain

The cold chain industry has seen significant expansion in recent years, with the global market reaching USD 270.98 billion in

Understanding the dynamics between ocean freight and air cargo

In recent years, airfreight demand has surged due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and higher consumer expectations for delivery

Taking the risk out of dangerous goods transportation

Ensuring the safety of dangerous goods transported by air requires vigilance against undeclared or mis-declared items. Thorough training for cargo

Gearing up amid global challenges

Virgin Atlantic Cargo is ramping up for a robust return to full capacity as it navigates the challenges posed by

Deeper collaboration is essential to drive growth in the logistics sector

To truly thrive, the UK logistics sector needs the full support of the government. The Critical Imports and Supply Chains

Dual operations

As passenger travel returns to normality, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) has positioned itself to prepare for the dual opportunity presented

Challenging year doesn’t halt charter growth

While the airfreight industry is looking towards a more positive future, putting the pandemic behind it, the past 12 months

GSSA evolution

With geopolitical challenges always just around the corner in the airfreight industry, GSSAs have to be agile and ready to

From stable to sky

The safe and humane transportation of horses is a matter of paramount importance, necessitating a deep understanding of the various

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