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Behind every cargo movement, there are passionate people propelling the industry forward, reminding us that individuals make a difference, 60 Seconds With shines a spotlight on key figures in all sectors.

60 Seconds With … Janis Balkens

Janis Balkens is a Latvian national with over 20 years of experience in leadership, operational and commercial roles in aviation.

60 Seconds With … Matt Petot

Matt Petot, founder and CEO of CargoAi, has worked for over 20 years in the airfreight industry. Having begun his

60 Seconds With … Veit Dinges

Veit Dinges is VP of Enterprise Solutions at, leading the airfreight procurement platform’s services for large enterprise customers. Prior

60 Seconds With … Mirjam Scherer

Mirjam Scherer, the Global Head of Specials Logistics at Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, has garnered more than 15 years

60 Seconds With … Lars-Gunnar Comen

Lars-Gunnar Comen, the Owner of Euroavia International, is a seasoned figure in the airfreight industry, having recently celebrated hosting his

60 Seconds With … Fabrice Panza

Fabrice Panza, Manager of Products at Etihad Cargo, has over 25 years of regional and international experience in sales and

60 Seconds With… Antonia Ambrozy

Antonia Ambrozy, Director of eBookings Growth at WebCargo by Freightos, has a decade-long career in the airfreight industry, having worked

60 Seconds With… Rosa Bellanca

Rosa Bellanca is the International Media Sales Director of AZura International. With a decade of dedicated service to Air Cargo

60 Seconds With… Kim Smith

Kim Smith, Director of Operations at Azura International, publisher of Air Cargo Week, has a 23 year career in the

60 Seconds With… Steven Polmans

Steven Polmans, an all round long term air cargo veteran, has been working in the industry for several decades both

60 Seconds With … James Graham

James Graham, the editor of the monthly ACW Supplements, is an award-winning transport journalist who was the first journalist on

60 Seconds With… Anastasiya Simsek

Anastasiya Simsek is an adventurous and always up for a challenge journalist of Air Cargo Week. She started her journalism

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