Tuesday, May 21, 2024

IAG Cargo helps fight diphtheria outbreak in Venezuela

Following the outbreak of diphtheria in Venezuela, IAG Cargo has been busy shipping out vaccines to help fight the contagious disease. There have been 1,900 cases detected across 22 states, and in one shipment alone, IAG Cargo moved over 5.3 tonnes of the diphtheria vaccine from India working in partnership with Indian biopharmaceutical company, Biological […]

Emirates sees big potential in South America

South America has long been touted as one of the world’s most promising emerging markets. Brazil even supplied the ‘B’ for the oft-quoted ‘BRICS’, alongside Russia, India, China and South Africa, writes Neil Madden. But over the past decade, Brazil and many of its neighbours have seen mixed economic fortunes, which have disappointed the region’s […]

IATA calls on governments to ensure airlines can repatriate revenues

Venezuela has blocked the repatriation of $3.78 billion worth of airline funds, which it has held for the last 16 months, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA is calling on governments to respect international agreements obliging them to ensure airlines are able to repatriate their revenues. IATA monitors blocked funds globally, the sum […]