Monday, May 27, 2024

Mexico City joins United Cargo TempControl network

United Cargo has extended its TempControl network for temperature-sensitive products to Mexico City through its interline agreement with AeroUnion. TempControl shipments destined for Mexico City International Airport via the interline service may be tendered at any certified handling location in United Cargo’s TempControl network. Shipments will be transported to Los Angeles International Airport then transferred […]

SkyCell enhances United Cargo TempControl

United Cargo has enhanced its TempControl service by becoming the first US carrier to lease and transport temperature-sensitive containers manufactured by SkyCell. The SkyCell containers feature patented insulation and a special rechargeable cooling temperature. Each container is equipped with internet of things sensors that connect to SkyCell’s cloud-based blockchain-encrypted software, which monitor temperature, humidity and […]

United Cargo gives CSafe RAP the thumbs up

United Cargo has enhanced its TempControl service for shippers of life science products and pharmaceuticals by approving CSafe RAP active containers. The CSafe RAP utilises innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies, along with advanced ThermoCor VIP insulation to maintain constant temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures. The payload compartment of 6.68m3 carries up to four […]

United Cargo accepts Savsu’s evo Cold Chain system

United Cargo has enhanced its TempControl and LifeGuard services by accepting the evo Cold Chain 2.0 system developed by Savsu Technologies. The evo Cold Chain 2.0 system is a fully integrated system designed to provide end-to-end transport protection and visibility for live cells used in biotechnology and precision medicine applications. Savsu Technologies president, Bruce McCormick […]

United Cargo signs lease agreement with Sonoco ThermoSafe

United Cargo has signed a global lease agreement with Sonoco ThermoSafe, allowing TempControl customers to lease PharmaPort 360 bulk shipping containers directly from the airline. The PharmaPort 360 is the industry’s only active temperature-controlled container with a fully integrated Federal Aviation Administration approved telemetry system, providing real-time, cloud-based data, precisely synchronised with GPS location on […]