Sunday, June 23, 2024

New Timestrip indicators track vaccine cold chain specifications

Timestrip®, the developer of smart indicator technology, has released two new ranges designed to be used with the latest coronavirus vaccines now becoming available. The indicators track temperature and time, and will ensure that vaccines are fresh when administered to patients. The Timestrip VTT 24 (Vaccine Thaw Timer) is an event thaw indicator with 24hr […]

Timestrip goes electronic as it launches electronic temperature breach indicators

Timestrip, the innovative developer of ‘smart indicator’ technology, has launched a completely new category of product: eTimestrip. The small, robust electronic Temperature Indicate and Report (TIR) devices provide a simple and reliable way to detect temperature breaches during product storage and transportation. The compact indicators are affixed to product packages, and provide a clear visual […]

Timestrip launches new controlled room temperature indicator

Developer of ‘smart indicator’ technology Timestrip is launching a new Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) indicator product that provides evidence of temperature breaches in the supply chain during storage or transport of medical products outside the 15°-25°C (59°-77°F) range. Designed for medical and pharmaceutical sectors, the indicators travel with the products from manufacturer through to end user, […]