Sunday, June 23, 2024

Jettainer to sell squAIR-timber for trilatec

Jettainer has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with trilatec to sell its squAIR-timber skids. The skids are made of recycled cardboard fibre composite materials that can replace wooden planks used for load distribution on airfreight pallets. Weight savings of around 80% leads to significant reductions in fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. Thomas Sonntag, […]

Hernig to leave Jettainer, Sonntag to take over

Jettainer will change its management, with Carsten Hernig moving over to Lufthansa Cargo after five years at the top. On 1 July, Thomas Sonntag will take over as managing director of the outsourced unit load device management company. Hernig will take up the role as head of region Latin America and Caribbean at Lufthansa Cargo […]