Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Nexxiot and Unilode to digitise entire ULD fleet

SAS Uniloade extend partnership

Nexxiot is officially partnering with Unilode Aviation Solutions to digitise its entire fleet of unit load device within 18 months. The ULDs will be equipped with Bluetooth sensors, with data being processed, analysed and made available by Nexxiot for Unilode. This will enable continuous, automated tracking of ULDs both on the ground and in the […]

CEVA reacts to market movements with new strategy

CEVA Logistics has drawn up new strategies for the European market as it targets further growth, reports Mike Bryant. Chief operating officer for air and ocean at supply chain services, Helmut Kaspers explains: “Our main focus in Europe is on growing outbound volumes to increase our market share. “Especially in Europe, we have significantly increased […]