Saturday, June 22, 2024

Wideroe to expand digital offerings with eBookings on WebCargo

Wideroe, the innovative Nordic airline, announced today a new partnership with WebCargo by Freightos to deliver real-time rates, capacity and eBookings on the cargo booking platform, reaching 3,500+ forwarders across 10,000 offices globally. Forwarders now have access to air cargo shipments from Norway, Denmark, and the United Kingdom through Wideroe’s unique network . With WebCargo, […]

EL AL joins WebCargo

El Al joins Webcargo

EL AL joins Webcargo. EL AL is expanding its digital footprint with real-time eBookings, access to live rates, and visible air cargo capacity through WebCargo, a Freightos Group company. With the pandemic fuelling digital adoption among both carriers and forwarders, EL AL is tapping into WebCargo’s platform. EL AL Cargo will be rolling out on […]

WebCargo Vista goes live

Romcargo's US foreign carrier permit accepted

A year of unprecedented shifts in global freight’s pace and volatility has changed shippers expectations of forwarder customer service. In response, WebCargo, a Freightos Group company, has launched WebCargo Vista. This best-of-breed digital freight rate management and online freight sales portal taps into over a decade of freight tech experience to improve sales and communication […]

Qatar Cargo introduces WebCargo in Europe

Qatar Airways Cargo has announced that WebCargo by Freightos will be introduced across the most of the European region effective June 30 2021. Forwarders will be able to conduct eBookings with access to live rates and available capacity on the WebCargo platform. With the implementation of WebCargo across Europe, the total count of countries in […]

Finnair Cargo to join WebCargo

El Al joins Webcargo

Finnair Cargo will be joining WebCargo. Through the platform, customers will be able to benefit from instant pricing, guaranteed capacity, and eBookings. As the demand for rapid, on-demand global supply chains increase, Finnair Cargo is embracing Digital Air Cargo to provide more efficient and transparent options to logistics providers. Finnair will initially be available to […]

Turkish Cargo joins WebCargo

Turkish Cargo helps with satellite transportation

Turkish Cargo will soon provide forwarders around the world with the ability to conduct real-time eBookings, access live rates, and see available air cargo capacity through WebCargo, a Freightos Group company. This provides critical agility as air cargo contends with unexpected shifts due to the global pandemic. As Christian Tesch, Director Airfreight Carrier Relations & […]

Freightos and Lufthansa Cargo make “quantum leap in cargo booking”

Lufthansa Cargo and Freightos are taking a “quantum leap in cargo booking” with an instant online eBooking system. Through application programming interface (API) services, forwarders will be able to instantly look up contracted rates, assess capacity and book cargo on specific flights in real-time. The companies say that e-commerce drove the nine per cent growth […]

Shippers look to the sea as airfreight rates remain sky high

Shippers are increasing looking to switch from airfreight to ocean as air rates continue skywards and congestion at airports around the world, according to the Freightos International Freight Index. In its Freightos Index Update W49 2017 report, it says rates are sky-high, with significant congestion in the run-up to Christmas affect domestic and international freight […]

Airfreight capacity in Europe hits its limit

Airfreight in Europe has hit capacity for the first time in at least ten years and it has seen some shippers paying sky-high air rates to get their shipment loaded, according to the Freightos International Freight Index. Freightos Webcargo chief executive officer, Manel Galindo says: “While ocean freight rates are still tanking, airfreight is at […]