Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Revenue grows 9% in 2016 at time:matters

time:matters has continued to perform strongly with nine per cent revenue growth in 2016 to €70 million ($74.7 million). Certain industry areas were particularly strong, with automotive up 92 per cent year-on-year, high-tech and semiconductors by 47 per cent and aviation and automotive by 44 per cent. This year it launched airmates, a software-based platform […]

time:matters launches airmates platform for on board courier services

time:matters has launched airmates, a software-based platform for on-board courier services offering fast quotes, maximum cost efficiency and a global courier network. Using the platform, customers can input their shipment details and receive a complete quote in less than a minute, which can be used to make an immediate online booking with all costs included, […]

Lufthansa Cargo takes complete ownership of time:matters

Lufthansa Cargo has taken complete ownership of time:matters after financial investor, Aheim Capital sold its 51 per cent share. The sameday delivery and time critical international spare parts logistics company was spun-off as a subsidiary in 2002, and the takeover is part of Lufthansa Group’s ‘7 to 1: new concepts for growth’ strategy. time:matters will […]