Monday, July 15, 2024

DGOffice B.V: The finishing touch for airfreight

Romcargo's US foreign carrier permit accepted

DGOffice B.V. is the specialised world leader of software solutions and services for dangerous goods and chemical management. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands. Keeping it safe, secure, and simple The key message about dangerous goods airfreight is the need to keep the cargo safe from the environment and the environment safe from the […]

Default method of communication remains elusive

At its simplest, e-Commerce needs e-Freight to exist. Online orders from foreign customers, international trade that skips borders, have all rapidly grown in many markets. All players in the global e-Commerce supply chains face strict regulations, especially for dangerous goods cargo. Accompanying information to the shipment has to be shared with all parties involved in […]

Compliance is assured as software supports safety

When involved in dangerous goods movements by airfreight, a top priority is always to minimise risks. This is to protect supply chain personnel as much as the public. That is why authorities have developed many different regulations to keep the industry and its surroundings safe. In order to make sense of the multitude of regulations […]