Sunday, June 23, 2024

EgyptAir Cargo to use Descartes vMail

EgyptAir Cargo will use Descartes Velocity Mail (vMail) to streamline transporting air mail across its international network. By automating the tracking process, the cloud-based Descartes vMail system simplifies operational processes and improves efficiency for air carriers, ground handlers and postal authorities. Using mobile devices, mail handlers can accurately track shipments and deliveries in real-time. By […]

National Airlines uses Descartes Velocity Mail

National Airlines has signed up with Descartes Systems Group to use its Descartes Velocity Mail (vMail) product to simplify mail transportation. The cloud-based Descartes vMail solution is a mail tracking system, automating the air mail shipment tracking process from route generation to account reconciliation, to simplify operational processes and improve efficiency for air carriers, ground […]