Friday, May 24, 2024
EgyptAir Cargo to use Descartes vMail

EgyptAir Cargo to use Descartes vMail

EgyptAir Cargo will use Descartes Velocity Mail (vMail) to streamline transporting air mail across its international network.

By automating the tracking process, the cloud-based Descartes vMail system simplifies operational processes and improves efficiency for air carriers, ground handlers and postal authorities.

Using mobile devices, mail handlers can accurately track shipments and deliveries in real-time.

By combining Descartes vMail with the Descartes Global Logistics Network, air carriers have one platform to manage all shipments including parcel packages and larger cargo.

Captain Basem Gohar, chairman of EgyptAir Cargo says: “We provide mail transport for more than 85 postal authorities worldwide, and the Descartes vMail solution helps us to accurately record mail shipment events as they occur and to track deliveries in real-time.”

Scott Sangster, vice president global logistics network for Descartes says: “Using Descartes vMail, global air carriers, like EgyptAir Cargo, have access to timely and reliable information about the movement of mail and parcel shipments to operate more effectively, improve decision-making and better meet postal authority service level agreements.”


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