Saturday, May 18, 2024

Salmon trade lanes and a new product for LATAM

LATAM Cargo has been through challenging times and 2016 was certainly one, but the carrier is targeting more perishable volumes and will launch a specialist new product this year, Justin Burns writes. LATAM’s specialist perishables product ‘Fresh’ is part of its transformation strategy, which includes growing its product portfolio, and will also see it launch […]

LATAM Cargo ready for Valentine’s Day with 9,000 tonnes of flowers

LATAM Cargo has transported over 9,000 tonnes of flowers in the run up to Valentine’s Day, representing 21 per cent of the Latin American flower market. Over 140 cargo flights departed from Ecuador and Colombia between 16 January and 7 February, with Bogota – Miami volumes reaching 900 tonnes per week and 1,500 tonnes flew […]

LATAM Cargo upgrades product portfolio

LATAM Cargo has upgraded its product portfolio, offering customers up to 19 combinations to specifically address customer’s shipment needs from 1 October. The portfolio, which offers services including PHARMA for pharmaceutical products, ALIVE for live animals and EXPRESS for urgent shipments, will initially be made available for cargo originating in North America and Europe, while […]

Double digit fall for LATAM in March

LATAM Airlines Group has seen cargo volumes fall again in March with revenue tonne kilometres (RTK) dropping by 11.1 per cent to 302 million. Cargo volumes have continued to fall faster than capacity in available tonne kilometres (ATK), which were down by 3.6 per cent in March to 576 million. The load factor was down […]