Monday, June 17, 2024

MASkargo signs deal to keep track of ULDs

MASkargo has signed a deal with TW Control, CORE Transport Technologies and Nordisk Aviation Products for a tracking solution of its containers and pallets. The COREInsight tracking solution will be incorporated in MASkargo’s containers and pallets supplied by Nordisk. TWC is the local partner appointed by CORE to implement the tag and reader tracker for […]

Jettainer and CORE join hands for ULD tracking

Jettainer and CORE Transport Technologies have entered into a strategic partnership to use COREInsight tracking in containers and pallets. The Bluetooth tags, which can be retrofitted without additional certification of the ULDs, are automatically recorded and evaluated by strategically installed readers at the airports, meaning scanning by hand is no longer necessary. Jettainer managing director, […]

CORE improves ULD tracking with greater speed, range and capacity

CORE Transport Technologies has upgraded its COREInsight Bluetooth Tracking, improving ULD tracking with greater speed, range and payload capacity. The upgrade was unveiled at the ULD Care global symposium in Guangzhou, China where the company showed off implementing a BLE resilient mesh network incorporating military grade security, which can support hundreds of low cost nodes […]

CORE Transport ships out 15,000th Bluetooth tracking tag

CORE Transport Technologies has shipped outs its 15,000th COREInsight Bluetooth Tracking tag for active deployment since its launch in October 2017. The tracking tag started as an idea in early 2016, and the patented container and pallet tags utilise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to actively track assets. CORE says compared to other tracking solutions […]

Will the sea be cruel to air cargo?

There have been numerous reports of cargo switching to ocean from air, including certain pharmaceutical products, flowers and fruit, writes Neil Madden. However, it is very difficult to know exactly how much this trend has eaten into air cargo’s market share without surveying a representative sample of global shippers, and most are not willing to […]

Solace and CORE Transport expand ULD tracking partnership

Solace and CORE Transport Technologies have expanded their partnership to support real-time tracking for unit load devices (ULD) in the air cargo industry. Building on their 12-year partnership, the two companies offering will help air carriers effectively implement and manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices for improved monitoring, tracking and routing of shipments. Software developer […]

ACL Airshop and CORE continue rolling out Bluetooth tracking

ACL Airshop and CORE Transport Technologies are continuing to roll out their Bluetooth enabled logistics technology to the global air cargo industry. Automated tracking of unit load devices (ULD) for air cargo gives carriers and their shipping customers real-time visibility and new efficiencies. The two companies have concluded extensive field tests with international air carriers […]

New tracking technology for Air New Zealand Cargo

Air New Zealand is rolling out new tracking technology which will allow it more easily track and analyse the movements of cargo shipments and its cargo equipment worldwide. The airline is currently installing more than 5,500 Bluetooth tags on its cargo containers, pallets and unit load devices as well as more than 100 readers at […]

ACL teams up with CORE to develop ULD tracking technology

ACL Airshop and CORE Transport Technologies have announced a strategic alliance for bringing Bluetooth-enabled logistics technology to the air cargo industry, by jointly providing automated tracking of unit load devices (ULDs). Both say predictive analytics and big data are just part of the new efficiencies the innovation can bring to carriers, who will also be […]