Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Panalpina adds long term partners to its Perishables Network

Panalpina has made three long-standing agents in Asia and the Americas full members of the company‚Äôs Perishables Network. The three companies who were nominated following years of cooperation and a thorough vetting process were Cropa of Guatemala and Honduras; MIT Cargo of Sri Lanka; and TML of Pakistan, who reached agreements during the Fruit Logistica […]

Panalpina seeing fresh African perishable trends

Panalpina is well positioned to grow its airfreight perishable volumes from Kenya, but there are some new trends emerging and challenges ahead. In May, it said it would acquire Kenyan forwarder Air Connection, a specialist in the export of flowers and vegetables. This follows the buy-out last year of Airflo in Kenya and launch of […]