Sunday, July 14, 2024

CSK9 is top dog with CCSF-K9 certificate from TSA

Cargo Screening K9 Alliance’s application and Operational Implementation Plan to become a Certified Cargo Screening Facility – Canine (CCSF-K9) has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration. With the approval letter and as a CCSF-K9 regulated entity, CSK9 can begin screening operations at airline and freight forwarder facilities across the USA. In advance, CSK9 deployed […]

K9 Alliance brings the best breeds together

When the Transportation Security Administration’s Certified Cargo Screening Program Canine (CCSP-K9) was established, it was clear that no one supplier could supply enough sniffer dogs, so the Cargo Screening K9 Alliance (CSK9) is bringing together the best of the breeds in the canine industry. TSA canine resources are primarily used for passenger screening, it was […]