Thursday, June 20, 2024

ABX Air pilots have no confidence in management

Pilots at ABX Air flying aircraft for Amazon and DHL casted a near unanimous vote of no confidence in management on Wednesday 4 December. Results indicate over 99.5% of voting pilots have no faith “in management’s willingness to negotiate or reach an agreement for the benefit of all stakeholders to include the shareholders, the customers, […]

Omni Air and Amazon help revenue grow for ATSG

Revenue for Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) was up in the second quarter of 2019 helped by the acquisition of Omni Air and more flights for Amazon. Second quarter revenue was $334.5 million compared to $203.6 million in 2018, and first half revenue increased from $406.6 million last year to $682.7 million. Net earnings turned […]

Unhappy pilots picket Amazon shareholder meeting

Amazon investors and board members gathering at the annual shareholder meeting were greeted by pilots flying for Amazon Air contracted carriers raising concerns about working conditions. The pilots who work for Atlas Air, Southern Air and ABX Air protested outside the meeting on Wednesday 22 May, holding picket signs and running a mobile billboard that […]

Cargo pilots concerned about how airlines are run

Atlas Air extends agreement with DB Schenker

Pilots contracted to fly for Amazon Air and DHL are concerned about the way their airlines are being run, survey results have found. More than 1,200 pilots at Atlas Air Worldwide subsidiaries Atlas Air and Southern Air, and Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) subsidiary ABX Air were asked questions about hiring, retaining, scheduling and more. […]