Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sustainable solution for the sky

Airbus is making strides in the production of its flagship A350F aircraft, as it looks to change the face of the air cargo industry with its new generation freighter. Bringing the latest developments in terms of efficiency, Airbus looks to present its soon to be rolled out model as the “only choice for the future […]

Airbus unveils A350F livery design competition

Airbus is inviting professional designers, amateur artists, students and creative talents from around the world to design the livery of the company’s new generation freighter – the A350F. The competition, which will officially be launched at 16:00 GMT on SoMe invites submissions until 28th November, with the winner announced in March 2023 and the winning […]

Airbus A350F available with flight deck and crew rest humidifier

The fight deck of a modern freighter aircraft is the most dry section in an aircraft with almost no (read: close to zero) moisture content in the air. It is in fact world’s most dehydrating working environment. All of the human body’s organs, including  brains, need water to function properly. If a body is dehydrated, […]