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Upcargo assists with Panama’s ‘Logistics Humanitarian Hub’

Upcargo assists with Panama’s ‘Logistics Humanitarian Hub’

Upcargo have participated in the quick coordination for the one-day reception and dispatch of a Legacy 600 aircraft in Panama from the Honduran Air Force which came to collect 182,000 COVID-19 testing kits.

Panama’s ‘logistics humanitarian hub’ is working day and night to give Panama and all countries in the Latin American region access to the greatest number of medical supplies and food during this difficult time of crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 6, the quick coordination for the one-day reception and dispatch of the Legacy 600 aircraft from the Honduran Air Force was done in coordination with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), the Governments of Honduras and Panama, and Upcargo Logistics.

The testing kits required a temperature of -20°c and had to be treated in a special way to maintain the cold chain. They were needed to supply six different countries in the Central American and Caribbean region.

The request for this co-ordination was made by the BCIE and the Honduras Ministry of Finance and Health through Upcargo’s agent in Honduras on April 6 at 09:00 with the Honduran plane landing at Tocumen International Airport in Panama on the same day at 15:30 to carry out the entire loading operation and return back to Honduras at 19:00: a record time for the complete co-ordination of this important humanitarian aid.

All Upcargo management and staff are proud to be able to contribute their grain of expertise in coordinating humanitarian shipments like these as they are so important to the lives of many Latin Americans.

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