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trilatec to revolutionise air cargo with lightweight pallets

trilatec to revolutionise air cargo with lightweight pallets

Trilatec is providing a revolution in the airfreight sector with lightweight pallets providing considerable cost savings to airlines.

The squAIR-timber, which is made from lightweight, recycled cardboard, is up to 80 per cent lighter than conventional pallets, and trilatec says initial experiences with airlines show that 1,200 tonnes of weight can be saved annually.

Disposal of the new material, which is made from 100 per cent recycled material, can be carried out in an environmentally friendly way using a paper recycling facility, saving money compared to disposing of special wood.

Trilatec commercial director, Andreas Langemann says: “This is a revolution in the airfreight sector”, adding: “The system has a twofold advantage: On the one hand squAIR-timber provides a tremendous advantage in costs and weight for the airlines. On the other hand handling agencies are benefitting from the time saving when assembling the ultramodern transport system.”

One metre of the material carries up to five tonnes of weight if evenly distributed with a net weight of 1.2 kilos per metre compared to three to four kilos per metre on timber pallets.

Trilatec technical director, Stefan Trinkaus says: “After working in cold glue combinations into several layers of the cardboard fibres these are laminated together under pressure. This process enables water resistance of the product, thus it is suitable for multiple use and at the same time ISPM15-compliant.”

Trilatec started production and distribution in March 2018, with Ginsheim-Gustavsburg being chosen as the production site due to its proximity to Frankfurt Airport.

Langemann says: “Choosing this site was a conscious decision as Cargo City South is also located here, with hundreds of forwarders, cargo agencies and logistics companies.”


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