Friday, May 24, 2024
Tigers opens Purchase Order Suite for SmartHub

Tigers opens Purchase Order Suite for SmartHub

Tigers has launched a Purchase Order Suite for its cloud-based SmartHub:Connect platform to allow US customers to track factory orders and plan marketing campaigns.

Rolling out the tool for the freight, logistics and e-commerce portal will allow users to plan for key busy periods such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Single’s Day and Christmas.

Chief information officer, Mark Gatenby says the service, which will be extended to customers in Australia and China next month increases transparency and tracking for customers.

He says: “The PO Suite allows users to track factory orders by purchase order numbers, which in turn enables them to effectively monitor stock levels for their e-commerce platforms.

“This is particularly useful from a marketing and communications perspective because customers can see what is actually available in the factories, especially as we enter peak season for shipping.”


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