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Third quarter for Envirotainer ULD debut

Third quarter for Envirotainer ULD debut

September could see a new approved Envirotainer unit load device (ULD) on the market with active heating and cooling capabilities costing $2,847 for an 11-day lease.

Envirotainer has received full approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its active heating and cooling container, the RKN e1. The approval will enable airlines regulated by the FAA to carry the RKNe1.

Envirotainer estimates that all the approvals and processes should be in place for RKN e1 use by airlines within a two to six month period. This means it could be in use in September or January 2015.

“We have successfully acquired the necessary certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency, and other country specific regulatory bodies. With this FAA approval, the availability of the RKN e1 container will be further enhanced,” says Envirotainer chief executive officer, Simon Angeldorff.


According to Envirotainer, its research, development and production facility outside Stockholm has increased its manufacturing rate to double that of previous years to accomodate the RKN e1.


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