Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Nallian launches Acceptance and Delivery app

Nallian has launched the Acceptance and Delivery app, giving forwarders and their drivers information about booking slots for freight pick-up and delivery at Brussels Airport. The relevant freight handover information allows forwarders to save time, reduce admin, eliminate fraud-sensitive handover of paper documents and improve visibility. The app joins existing BRUcloud apps at the Brussels […]

Vienna Airport embraces Nallian’s data platform

The cargo community at Vienna International Airport is embracing Nallian’s open data sharing platform to help reduce congestion and improve efficiency. Vienna is developing an Airport City with the opening of the Pharma Handling Center and more projects underway, but says land availability is not endless so digital transformation and collaboration are the way to […]

Heathrow launches cargo consolidation app to reduce emissions

Heathrow Airport is inviting trucking companies and freight forwarders to reduce emissions by using its new load consolidation app, part of Heathrow CargoCloud. Cargo operators will be able to consolidate freight loads coming in and out of Heathrow, with the aim of not only improving efficiency but also reducing the number of trucks and emissions […]

Brussels reaches digitisation milestone with Slot Booking App

Brussels Airport has reached the next stage of digitisation with the cloud based data sharing platform, Nallian releasing its Slot Booking Application to the community. The Slot Booking Application will eliminate problems of waiting times and idle times at ground handling facilities by coordinating the match between supply and demand of time slots by streamlining […]