Saturday, July 13, 2024

Shippers make international trade happen

Since the beginning of trade, there has been a need to move goods between producers and those who buy them. Where once it was a camel, river boat or donkey that took goods to market; in the 21st century these have been overtaken by aircraft, container ships, trains and trucking.  The UK-based Global Shippers’ Forum […]

O Canada! Multimodal Americas launches in Toronto

Registration has opened and seminar line-up announced for the first-ever Multimodal Americas, taking place in Toronto, Canada this October The fifth industrial revolution, in which humans and machines are increasingly collaborating in manufacturing, and the radical effect of blockchain on the supply chain, are just two of the debates taking place at the inaugural Multimodal […]

Change is needed but shippers now at the forefront of debate

Shippers are now getting an even stronger voice in the air cargo supply chain and are more active than before in discussions, but they still seek more collaboration. The International Air Cargo Association’s (TIACA) Shippers’ Advisory Committee (SAC) has given shippers a platform to air their concerns and views on the industry and brought shippers […]

Shippers want supply chain to embrace new processes, paper finds

Shippers want all sectors of the air cargo supply chain to engage in constructive discussion and embrace new process and new technology, according to a new paper by TIACA’s Shippers’ Advisory Committee (SAC). The paper says change is needed, and all sectors of the air cargo supply chain industry must work together to drive adoption of new […]

GSF says aviation needs global climate change deal

The aviation sector must agree a global deal to tackle climate change says the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) in its new Aviation Emissions Policy Statement – pointing out the importance of airfreight to shippers. GSF says the sector is a key enabler of economic growth and social development – and represents two per cent of global carbon emissions, […]

Call for stricter enforcement and stiffer penalties on rogue lithium batteries

Lithium battery

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has partnered with leaders of the lithium battery supply chain to demand stricter enforcement of international regulations regarding the transport of lithium batteries. In a joint letter to Government Ministers of Trade, Industry and Transport, and directors of civil aviation in the world’s largest lithium battery manufacturing and export […]