Monday, July 15, 2024

Duvenbeck switches to biogas for its long-distance transport services for ZF Saarbrücken

Duvenbeck, the logistics company, is using biomethane (biogas), a renewable and climate-friendly fuel, at its business site in Saarbrücken when providing services for the automobile supplier ZF. In addition to switching the inter-factory traffic to battery-powered trucks for short distances, the company is introducing a source of energy obtained from renewable sources, such as agricultural […]

Fully electric terminal tractor passes its practical test

The freight forwarding and logistics company, Duvenbeck, is taking another step towards switching its fleet to low-emission vehicles. The firm tested a fully electric terminal tractor unit at its business site in Rastatt in July this year. It was used to move uncoupled (semi-)trailers at the factory site of a vehicle manufacturer. “The terminal tractor […]