Thursday, July 18, 2024

LOT Cargo to use CSafe Global’s active containers

LOT Cargo has signed a master lease agreement with CSafe Global to extend cold-chain services to life science customers. The cargo division of LOT Polish Airlines will use CSafe’s RAP and RKN active temperature containers, which offer the industry’s longest battery run times and broad ambient temperature ranges. They combine advanced compressor-driven cooling technologies with […]

Lufthansa Cargo clears CSafe RAP for use

Lufthansa Cargo has approved the use of CSafe RAP temperature-controlled containers on its flights to transport pharmaceuticals. The CSafe RAP utilises ThermoCor VIP insulation together with an innovative cooling and heating system. It can precisely maintain defined payload temperatures in extreme ambient temperatures between -30C and 54C. Thorsten Braun, senior director of industry development and […]

United Cargo factors in headwinds

For 2019, United Cargo is factoring in the headwinds to future growth and focusing on reasons to be optimistic, Jim Bellinder tells Air Cargo Week. The vice president cargo sales Americas says 2018 was a tremendous year with overall tonnage, the speciality product business and improving customer relationships all resulted in record cargo revenue of […]

Swiss WorldCargo approves CSafe RAP containers

Swiss WorldCargo has approved the use of CSafe RAP active temperature-controlled containers for its wide-bodied aircraft fleet. The CSafe RAP utilises ThermoCor Vacuum-Insulated Panels technology with a compressor-driven cooling and radiant heating system. The cargo chamber can manage four standard US pallets or five Euro pallets, and includes an extended battery life or more than […]

LATAM Cargo signs lease deal with CSafe Global

LATAM Cargo has signed a Master Lease Agreement with CSafe Global, making RAP and RKN active containers available to customers shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. The active temperature-controlled containers offer the industry’s longest battery run times and ambient temperature ranges of -30C to +54C for the RAP and -30C to +49C for the RKN. CSafe’s system design […]

CEIV is a healthy choice for Delta Cargo

With IATA CEIV Pharma certification across its network and for its partners, Delta Cargo has experienced strong growth for both pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Delta Cargo obtained CEIV certification in July 2017 for the Atlanta warehouse and head office, making it the first US passenger airline to do so. The airline says the integrity and […]

Alitalia approves use of CSafe RAP containers

Alitalia has strengthened its partnership with CSafe Global by approving the use of RAP active temperature-controlled containers. The RAP container is being used by airline customers to transport temperature-sensitive and time-critical shipments of pharmaceutical and life science products. Brad Jennings, vice president of global marketing and partner alliances for CSafe Global says: “With its state-of-the-art […]

American Airlines approves CSafe RAP containers

American Airlines Cargo has approved the use of CSafe RAP temperature-controlled active containers, making it the latest airline to offer the product to life-science customers. The CSafe RAP offers what the company claims is unmatched operational performance in the most extreme ambient conditions between -30C and +54C, with VIP insulation, air recirculation technology and an […]

Delta Cargo introduces CSafe RAP containers

Delta Cargo is introducing CSafe RAP containers to its cold-chain programme, with the units being aimed at pharma and life-science companies requiring strict temperature control. The CSafe RAP utilises heating and compressor driven cooling technologies along with superior insulation to maintain constant temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures, along with a battery life exceeding 120 […]

United Cargo gives CSafe RAP the thumbs up

United Cargo has enhanced its TempControl service for shippers of life science products and pharmaceuticals by approving CSafe RAP active containers. The CSafe RAP utilises innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies, along with advanced ThermoCor VIP insulation to maintain constant temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures. The payload compartment of 6.68m3 carries up to four […]

Qatar Airways upgrades cool chain services with CSafe RAP containers

Qatar Airways Cargo has enhanced its cool chain services by offering CSafe RAP containers, designed to transport large volumes of pharmaceutical shipments. The CSafe RAP utilises heating and compressor driven cooling technologies together with advanced ThermoCor VIP insulation to eliminate the payload risks associated with extreme ambient temperature conditions and long duration shipments. It is […]

Virgin Atlantic gives CSafe RAP containers the thumbs up

Virgin Atlantic Cargo has become the first UK airline to approve the use of CSafe’s RAP container for temperature-sensitive life-enhancing healthcare products. Under the terms of its Master Lease Agreement with CSafe, Virgin is now accepting bookings for the RAP containers, which have received approval from both the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European […]