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No summer slump for Munich as cargo keeps booming

No summer slump for Munich as cargo keeps booming

Imports and exports continue to boom, and Munich Airport director of traffic development for cargo, Markus Heinelt does not expect to see a ‘summer slump’.

He says Munich has posted its best half-yearly results in history, including a nine per cent increase in cargo turnover to 180,000 tonnes, outpacing the industry and more aircraft at the airport should help.

The Lufthansa Group has announced it will station 15 Airbus A350s in Munich and move five A380s from Frankfurt to Munich, which will be joined by a number of aircraft from its subsidiary, Eurowings.

The outlook is very good, with Heinelt saying: “German exports and imports continue to boom and Munich Airport does not expect a so to call ‘summer slump’. Counting with the mostly regular autumn peak the airport is quite positive regarding good cargo results for the complete year of 2017.”

Munich Airport director traffic development cargo, Markus Heinelt

Munich’s catchment area still offers potential for further growth; Heinelt explains: “Since 2010 Munich Airport increased its cargo share in Southern Germany from 29 per cent to 39 per cent. This means that 61 per cent are still handled through other gateways.”

Further growth depends on expansion projects including a third runway.

Heinelt says: “This project is awaiting approval by the airport’s shareholders. A positive decision on a third runway will be crucial for Munich Airport’s future development. If the third runway is confirmed, further growth would be guaranteed.”

While it waits for the third runway, other projects are underway including finalising plans for an enlarged express centre, an extended staging area and Munich wants to initialise plans for a 25,000 square metre telematics-controlled trucking area.

Heinelt expects Germany to continue to play a dominant role in foreign trade, saying: “E-commerce tends to develop rapidly especially in the B2C segment due to the fact that Germany builds the largest European consumer market with a population of 81 million. I expect that the trade by airfreight – import and export – will grow above average in the German market.

“Munich offers a wide catchment area, premium industries, a top consumer market which is excellent for e-commerce business. Therefore, respective political conditions allowing airlines to fly direct to Germany will be even more crucial in future.”

Heinelt also expects green logistics will gain importance, and Munich has ambitious aims.

He says: “Munich Airport gets ready for this – aiming on becoming Germany’s first carbon-neutral airport by 2030.”


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