Monday, June 24, 2024
Strike Aviation joins TIACA

Strike Aviation joins TIACA

Strike Aviation, an international airfreight company, has joined TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association). By actively engaging in one more influential structure of the industry, Strike Aviation expects to strengthen its competitive position in the market, remain at the forefront of key events and developments in the sector, sharing experiences with other industry players.

“Strike Aviation’s experience and expertise in the market over 25 years of operation is vast, but we operate in a highly dynamic sector that is affected by even small changes in the global economy, not to mention the upheavals of recent years. One of our ambitions is to be as close as possible to our customers, to anticipate their needs and to provide personalised, tailor-made freight transport services for each shipper. Being even more deeply involved in our community of industry professionals will allow us to stay one step ahead—anticipating market changes, preparing for the necessary development phases and, most importantly, meeting our customers’ expectations,” notes Julia Knecht-Ostwaldt, (above) chief operating officer for Europe at Strike Aviation.

According to Knecht-Ostwaldt, by becoming a member of TIACA, Strike Aviation also joins the sustainability initiatives of this global organisation, which provides one of the air cargo industry’s key benchmarks for sustainable operations.

“We have to admit that the air transport industry is rather inert, and we feel sufficiently vibrant and strong to be able to contribute to a fundamental change in this area. By becoming a member of TIACA, we will be happy to share our ideas on how to change certain business behaviours in our segment,” adds Knecht-Ostwaldt.

Andrius Antanaitis, director of business development for Europe at Strike Aviation, says that membership in TIACA opens new avenues to numerous events and platforms of various formats where professionals from the industry can exchange the most relevant information.

“One of the upcoming events is the TIACA Regional Symposium in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, at the end of June, where ideas will be exchanged on how to address air freight challenges at regional level. We work in a global industry but we face different challenges in each of our regions, and we have to find the right solutions for each. The ideas circulating among TIACA members will undoubtedly help us to fine tune our business strategy to different regions of the world, and we will be happy to pass on our experience to other players in the market,” emphasises Antanaitis.

As Antanaitis put it, membership in international organisations is important because of the networking with both other industry players and clients. “We get a lot of feedback from the exhibitions and conferences we attend. Strike Aviation is a flexible, driven organisation that adapts quickly to change, so being in a space where industry changes are most strongly felt creates a very important added value for us,” he explains, highlighting the advantages of TIACA membership

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