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Streamlining systems with digital innovation

Streamlining systems with digital innovation

Recognising the potential of technological innovation, HAE Group has taken steps towards digitalising its cargo operations with the introduction of cutting-edge solutions. By leveraging their Webportal and Quote Management System (QMS), HAE Group has transformed the way freight forwarding customers and airline partners interact, enabling real-time engagement, enhanced security, and streamlined processes.

Seamless integration

HAE Group’s Webportal seamlessly integrates with carrier systems through API connections and industry-standard protocols, including SITA messaging. This integration allows freight forwarding customers to access a range of benefits, including a personalised login, branded quotations from airlines, the ability to request spot rates, and confirm acceptance of quotes and terms and conditions. The Webportal facilitates efficient communication and collaboration between HAE Group and its customers, enabling swift and accurate response times.

“HAE’s QMS system is able to connect to it’s carriers system via API and other formatted industry protocols, including SITA messaging to request rates, approve spot rates and make bookings,” Neville Karai, CEO of HAE Group, explained.

The integrated CRM ensures effective collaboration between field sales and inside teams, facilitating new business development. The platform’s efficient quoting process, coupled with swift rate approval and availability confirmation, enables faster response times to customer inquiries.

HAE Group prioritises security in its web-based solution. Access to the system is tightly controlled through registered accounts, requiring acceptance of terms and conditions on behalf of the carrier and service providers. These measures ensure that data remains protected, providing peace of mind to all stakeholders involved.

“It is a cloud based system, where security is paramount, the system is compliant with all legislation in all the countries it is used in,” Karai continued.

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Real-time interaction

HAE Group’s bespoke QMS system enables real-time interaction and faster response times to inquiries. Through a workflow-driven process, customers can request quotes, receive accurate rates from carriers, and confirm bookings efficiently.

“The speed of the quote is one of our USPs and also our ability to automatically book and send the confirmation to the customer once they have agreed the rate,” Karai said.

HAE Group’s Quote Management System (QMS) empowers airlines and clients with improved real-time interaction for quotes and bookings. Customers can request quotes via QMS or email, which are then cross-checked manually for accuracy. The system’s workflow streamlines the process of obtaining rates from carriers and facilitates seamless communication with customers. The QMS also enables counter-offers and automates the booking process, providing quick confirmation to customers once they agree to the rates.

HAE Group’s investment in technology has enabled its teams to adapt easily to remote work, ensuring business continuity for clients and airline partners.

“We are paperless and by defining the workflow we can break the functions of the workflow to teams around the world. So we can sell in country and process the operational functionality anywhere in the world. This gives us the ability to support our carriers and our customers 7 days a week,” Karai added.

Changing needs. New solutions

Recognising the industry’s disruptions, HAE Group has developed new solutions and products to meet the evolving requirements of its GSA (General Sales Agent) clients. In addition to its GSA airline cargo export services, HAE Group now offers imports, cross-trade, and express services.

“This is intended to give our airline partners increased market share in their market and our customers more options to use those services,” he said.

HAE Group’s approach focuses on meeting the core requirements of its freight forwarding client base. Customers increasingly seek more options to remain competitive in the market. By leveraging their GSA representation and market expertise, HAE Group offers tailored solutions that help customers stay ahead of their competitors.

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Expected expansion

HAE Group’s investment in best-in-class IT systems plays a crucial role in providing a GSSA+ experience for airlines and customers. Their self-developed software connects them to airline partners, while their customer login feature offers customers easy access to the platform. HAE Group’s continuous efforts to make the system faster and more user-friendly enhance overall operational efficiency.

“Our aim is to continue with the connectivity to our airline partners and offer our forwarding customers access to the flatform. We need to continue to make it faster and easier to use,” Karai added.

HAE Group leverages data and technology to ensure business continuity and provide access to a full suite of airline products and solutions. By subscribing to industry data sources and closely collaborating with carriers, HAE Group stays updated on market dynamics and new product offerings. This enables them to deliver optimal solutions to their clients and airline partners.

“In 2023, we continue our expansion of new offices in Egypt, Italy and China, all on the same QMS system. We will roll out our customer login into the rest of the network and add more services to the platform,” Karai stated.

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