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Standardising security

Standardising security

Developing a unified approach to security is key; countries and regions have distinctive programmes and requirements. Although security threats are different for different countries, the lack of consistency in air cargo security regulations globally poses a huge hindrance to screening operations.

For example, the exportation of engines from the UK by air is not feasible due to the regulatory rules in place. In order to screen engines in line with current regulations in the UK, they must be taken entirely apart and reconstructed, which is neither cost nor time-efficient. 

Instead, these products are being trucked. The inefficiency of exporting engines this way is a testament to the need to unify security regulations – transporting engines by air is no more dangerous in one region than another.

“Every stakeholder in air cargo has their own goals and milestones. Regulatory bodies are looking at overall security, so when they work towards a new programme, they look at functional aspects from a regulatory approach. This often means that they overlook issues in implementation from an operational standpoint,” Chris Daniels, Chief Strategy Officer, Global K9 Protection Group (GK9PG), said.

“Airlines and supporting services can provide insight into how functional these solutions can be, taking into account economic impact, time restraints, and other operational caveats. This collaboration is, therefore, essential to closing the gap between idea and execution. 

“Collaboration is necessary in order to have an effective yet achievable change in air cargo security, and it ultimately means that the needs of every stakeholder are met. 

“Standardised training programmes would help encourage the closing of these gaps between different legislation, allowing organisations to operate across different regions in compliance with consistent security measures internationally.”

Developments and data

A massive challenge in security, and in the air cargo industry as a whole, is the countless data formats that need to be processed to move things around the world. 

“The newest feature on GlobalView, our cloud-based video management system, works to overcome this, allowing air waybills to be captured and processed by the body camera on each canine team. The data from the air waybill is then automatically inputted into our systems with very little human intervention required,” Daniels outlined.

“Looking at digital solutions as an enhancement, improving efficiency and tackling pain points, not only for us but for our clients also, is paramount to staying on top of changing security threats. 

“Through our digital systems, we can help clients achieve security certifications, such as the Electronic Consignment Security Declaration (eCSD), by providing them with a digital chain of custody.

“By identifying future requirements and figuring out how to embed these into our current processes, we can streamline screening and security processes.”

Companies like GK9PG are constantly working with regulatory bodies, such as the TSA, and with air cargo associations to make sure safety and security measures are correctly maintained. 

“When it comes to developments to our security programs, each client receives tailored solutions, with modifications pertaining to their facility. We work closely with these clients to ensure that we are not only providing the highest quality screening solutions but that they are compliant with regulations and that their facilities are suitable for us to operate within,” Daniels explained.

“Then, as new regulations come into place, security threats change, or new technology comes into play, we can develop these programmes accordingly.”

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