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Softlink Global offer e-AWB connectivity to over 90 airlines

Softlink Global offer e-AWB connectivity to over 90 airlines

Logistics management software specialist Softlink Global is offering customers full electronic air Waybill (e-AWB) connectivity to over 90 airlines through the Worldwide Information Network (WIN) online platform.

Independent forwarders working with Softlink Global’s cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software Logi-Sys are participating in e-freight and benefitting from cost savings and enhanced efficiency.

Philippines-headquartered forwarder CTSI Logistics Phils is making shipments using the platform. “By switching to Logi-Sys supported by WIN, not only have we been able to work more efficiently, it has helped us improve shipment times and accuracy, which is resulting in new opportunities for our business,” says CTSI Logistics general manager, Gerry Inandan.

Softlink Global chief executive officer and managing director (MD), Amit Maheshwari says: “The benefits of Logi-Sys coupled with e-freight in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency and compliance with new advance data manifest requirements are significant.”

“Additionally with Logi-Sys our customers do not have to rely on any third party organisations to convert Air Waybill information into electronic format, they are saving time, money, and they are in control of their data,” he adds

WIN MD, John DeBenedette says cloud technology offered cost effective, efficient, modern e-freight solutions for companies of all sizes. “Cloud solutions are powering modern business all over the globe and WIN and Logi-Sys are bringing those benefits to the air cargo community,” he adds.

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