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SkyCell launches the 1500X hybrid container

SkyCell launches the 1500X hybrid container

SkyCell, the innovator and leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled hybrid containers for the pharmaceutical industry, has launched the new 1500X container, the next generation in its hybrid container portfolio for high value pharmaceutical product transportation. The 1500X enables pharma shipments for products that need to be kept at +2°C to +8°C or +15°C to +25°C and has a tested market-leading independent runtime of 270 hours at 20°C. The container also comes fully equipped with SkyCell’s proprietary SECURE SaaS platform for in-transit monitoring.

The 1500X container’s extended 270-hour runtime ensures that the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods remains unaffected even in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays, re-routing, and delays at customs. Meanwhile – in a seamless combination of hardware and software – SkyCell’s proprietary SaaS platform, SECURE, offers customers real-time visibility of shipments, closing supply chain visibility gaps and allowing corrective actions to be made via critical data gathered during transportation.

The 1500X builds on years of design and manufacturing innovation that has led SkyCell’s containers to have a verified temperature excursion rate of less than 0.1% and a product loss rate of 0.0 percent. Manufactured with a die-cast frame using the same technique in the construction of aeroplane parts, the 1500X is 120kg lighter than its predecessor but still maintains a payload capacity of up to 1,000kg. The new internal height of 1.3 metres – creating 7.8% more internal volume – allows customers to transport more in each individual container and reduces costs and CO2 emissions even further. The 1500X continues to feature SkyCell’s patented double-door system to prevent humidity changes and provide added security during transit.

The 1500X is also the most space-efficient container in SkyCell’s product portfolio. Four 1500X containers can be loaded onto one standard PMC pallet, while only a pallet jack is required to load the 1500X into a standard truck that can hold up to 18 containers. Loading the container itself is an almost effortless process: open, load goods, close, and ship.

In further enhancements to the safety and protection of goods within the 1500X, the container’s feet have been redesigned to improve shock and vibration protection. The die-cast aluminium feet absorb impact and dampen the vibrations from aircraft and trucks that are – along with excursions outside optimal temperature range – a leading cause of in-transit product spoilage.

Nico Ros, CTO and co-founder of SkyCell, comments: “The 1500X development goals were based on the input from our customers and built upon what customers love about SkyCell – a leader in reliability, cost efficiency and helping them to reduce their CO2 footprint. The 1500X is 120kg lighter than its predecessor yet has a greater payload capacity – enabling our pharma clients to make their supply chains more efficient and sustainable. Technical innovations like using graphene as part of our patented heat distribution enhance the 1500X’s recharge capability when in a cold room at customs clearance or in a reefer truck, protecting pharma products even longer, and demonstrating our ability to truly push the limits of smart design. The 1500X is the next generation of hybrid containers – better for patients, for total costs and for the planet.”

Richard Ettl, CEO and co-founder of SkyCell, adds: “The 1500X delivers extra performance, extra protection, and extra efficiency. At SkyCell we are constantly innovating and looking for new solutions that enable our customers to transport their temperature-sensitive goods securely around the world. By offering an unbroken cold chain, pharma companies can rely on us to optimise their supply chains and safely ship their products without suffering temperature excursions. SkyCell SECURE – acts like a ‘guardian angel’ by continuously monitoring the 1500X and helps to track its milestones to alert for delays or risks in the supply chain. The 1500X will help us continue to deliver on our vision to create no loss in the pharma supply chain, worldwide.”

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