Wednesday, May 22, 2024
SkyCell launches new 1500F container

SkyCell launches new 1500F container

SkyCell has developed the new 1500F container, the eighth container in its robust product suite covering all temperature ranges for the high value pharmaceutical product transportation.

The 1500F, which works across temperatures from minus 15°c to minus 25°c, offers a specialised solution for this growing niche market segment. 

SkyCell’s solution maintains a steady temperature of minus 15°c to minus 25°c for more than 120 hours without recharging, enabling between 2 and 3 million vials to be transported in a single aircraft. 

This container, built on SkyCell’s platform approach, is a game-changer due to its strong performance and lightweight design (only 470kg). The efficient design also leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions by as much as half, as the containers are built from a recyclable multi-layer material.

This material absorbs impact and dampens the vibrations from aircraft and trucks that are – along with excursions outside optimal temperature range – a leading cause of in-transit product spoilage. This has led the company to have a verified product loss rate of less than 0.1%.  

Nico Ros, CTO and cofounder at SkyCell, commented: “Pharma clients not only want high quality products and ease of use, but they want the consistency of being able to use the same supplier. Therefore, when it became clear there would be a need for a container operating in this temperature range, we set out to build it to offer our clients all temperature ranges.

“We worked with Ansys’ advanced AI software to calculate the most efficient design while maintaining our laser-sharp focus on safety – both in terms of protecting the viability of the product and when it comes to the container itself. This new offering means we now have containers specifically designed for every temperature range, ensuring current and yet-to-be developed vaccines and other lifesaving medicines can reach destinations around the world safely, securely, and with minimal product loss.”


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