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SkyCell expands reach with All Nippon Airways partnership

SkyCell expands reach with All Nippon Airways partnership

SkyCell, the manufacturer of innovative hybrid pharmaceutical containers, has partnered with All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest airline, to help support pharmaceutical customers shipping in and out of Japan in a safe, secure, and sustainable way.

The partnership with SkyCell will also see the airline reach more of its sustainability goals. ANA expects there to be stronger demand for sustainability in the future, and can offer its customers more sustainable shipping options through SkyCell.

SkyCell currently has one service centre in Japan that will support the Japanese market with container availability in the country.

SkyCell will be supporting ANA with its dedicated pharmaceutical containers across different temperature ranges to cover customers’ various needs. SkyCell containers maintain internal temperature stability in external conditions from as low as -30°C to as high as +70°C. The complete temperature range includes the deep-frozen container that is able to maintain internal temperatures between -80°C and -60°C for extended periods of time. Thanks to the innovative technology of SkyCell, ANA will be able to utilise full aircraft capacity, mitigating the traditional capacity limitations caused by the use of dry ice by making energy transfer more efficient.

The high-quality hybrid containers can maintain stable temperatures without the need for external charging for long periods of time, meaning special infrastructure is not needed to keep the containers at optimal temperatures. By using lightweight, environmentally-friendly material, the technology enables efficiency and reusability; the packing solution is also shock-absorbent to mitigate any breakage during transport, and has a double-door system to protect the packing in high-humidity countries.

Chiara Venuti, business development director and airline partners, SkyCell, comments: “We at SkyCell are proud to partner with ANA to show our commitment to supporting the Japanese market, and ensure vital medicines reach their destinations fast and without spoilage. When shipping vital pharmaceutical products, there is no room for error. We have created a complete solution that ensures shipments can be safely transported from production to patients around the world.”

Dai Yuasa, senior vice president of global marketing, ANA Cargo, comments: “We are very glad to announce our new partnership with SkyCell. As the first Japanese IATA CEIV Pharma certified airline since 2017, we have been expanding our capabilities to transport temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals at the global standard and beyond. Especially through this COVID-19 situation, now more than ever, transporting pharmaceuticals safely is a social mission for every process involved in the chain. We want to provide every customers’ needs for various pharmaceuticals including vaccines. The addition of SkyCell to our product lineup is our commitment to our valued customers.”

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