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Shaping the future of logistics and transportation

Shaping the future of logistics and transportation

Messe München is ready to welcome attendees and exhibitors to the first transport logistic Southeast Asia and air cargo Southeast Asia in Singapore. 

Bringing together a global industry, the event is poised to be one of the most important business platforms for professionals to network, make new contacts, develop upcoming markets and explore joint business potential. 

The high-calibre trade show will bring together top experts from all around the world where industry representatives come together on this platform to discuss key topics affecting their business.  

Strategic expansion 

Messe München’s entry into the Asia-Pacific region represents a strategic move to harness the potential of Southeast Asia’s dynamic and rapidly growing markets.  

“Our goal is to provide a platform for businesses in the transportation and logistics sector to connect, showcase their innovations, and foster collaborations,” Michael Wilton, General Manager, MMI Asia Pte Ltd, said. 

Singapore’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and reputation as a global business hub were key factors behind selecting it as the launchpad for this venture. 

“It serves as a gateway to the ASEAN region and offers excellent connectivity. Additionally, Singapore’s strong commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with our values and goals for our events in the logistics industry,” Wilton added.  

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APAC’s increasingly important role  

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region plays an ever-growing role in global trade and transportation. Messe München’s presence in ASEAN positions its logistics shows at the centre of this market.  

“The APAC region is a key driver of global trade and transportation growth. Our move into ASEAN allows us to position our logistics shows at the heart of this flourishing market,” Wilton said. 

As economies in the region continue to expand, the demand for efficient transportation and logistics solutions increases, making Messe München’s events integral to the sector’s development. 

“By hosting events in ASEAN, we contribute to the development of this sector in a region of immense significance,” Wilton stated. 

Growing network 

The new show in Southeast Asia complements Messe München’s global network by expanding its reach and providing specialised platforms in respective markets.  

This synergy among existing events addresses unique needs and opportunities in the ASEAN region, fostering a comprehensive global network for the transportation and logistics industry. 

“air cargo and transport logistics Southeast Asia foster stronger ties between European and ASEAN businesses,” Wilton said. “As trade relations between these regions grow, our platform facilitates the exchange of ideas, technologies, and partnerships that are essential for seamless cross-border trade. It’s a testament to our commitment to supporting and enhancing global trade networks.” 

Boosting regional recovery 

Given the disruptions seen in recent years, it was paramount for Messe München to lead with the topic of supply chain strategies. This choice addresses a critical industry need, providing attendees with valuable insights and solutions to navigate uncertainties and build more robust supply chains. 

“As the regions return to normality post-pandemic, the air cargo industry is crucial for expediting the flow of goods,” Wilton said. “Meetings could provide a timely opportunity for air cargo professionals to reconnect, explore new strategies, and adapt to the evolving landscape. Participating in conferences offer insights into the latest technologies and best practices to enhance efficiency and resilience in air cargo operations.” 

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Showcasing industry advancements 

Messe München’s major message at the event revolves around innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.  

“We aim to showcase the latest advancements in transportation and logistics, emphasise the importance of sustainable practices, and encourage industry players to come together to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the sector. Especially in a high-tech and fast moving industry,” Wilton said. 

“The response from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive. There is a significant demand for specialised events like this in the ASEAN region. Industry players recognise the value of these platforms for networking, knowledge exchange, and business development,” he continued. 

Messe München hopes attendees will leave the event with a wealth of knowledge, new contacts, and actionable insights. The organisers hope that those at the show will be inspired by the latest innovations, motivated to embrace sustainability, and equipped with strategies to enhance their businesses.  

“Ultimately, we aim for attendees to feel empowered to contribute positively to the growth and development of the transportation and logistics industry in ASEAN and beyond.”

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