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Project Cargo Network marks successful conference

Project Cargo Network marks successful conference

More than 185 CEOs and Senior Managers from over 60 countries participated in Project Cargo Network’s 12th Annual Summit at The Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, from 12-14 November 2023.

C.E.O./President, Rachel Crawford said:“We have sadly witnessed a great deal of global conflict over the past two years. When we tune into the news during these troubling times, our first worry is the safety and welfare of our PCN friends. As I’ve always said at the beginning of our gatherings, we are a global family with the single aim of uniting you, putting our political and religious differences to one side. I always take immense pride in our ability to assemble in one space, representing various cultures and backgrounds, all with no other objective than to find ways to work together. So, thank you for your care and your support for each other.”

PCN is now the largest project network in the world with an impressive global coverage of over 365 companies in more than 125 countries. In the past 2 years, we have seen a growth of 39% and have welcomed 155 new members. That growth has been driven across the globe with an impressive rise, particularly in Africa and Latin America.

In addition to our strong presence in all the major markets, we take pride in our exceptional coverage of smaller markets that are typically challenging for organisations to reach. We have welcomed new members from Albania, Bolivia, El Salvador, Gambia, Mongolia, Guyana, Sierra Leone, and Zambia to name a few.

PCN also has an exceptionally high renewal rate – 95% over the past 12 months and our presence on LinkedIn has experienced significant growth, with a current audience of over 14,500 industry followers. There were over 15,400 engagements over the past year with PCNs daily posts … the majority of which are dedicated to promoting members’ news and projects.

Its Online Heavy Transport Training has proved to be incredibly popular since its launch in 2017 and was not only the proud Finalist in HLPFI’s ‘Training of the Year’ but so far has also been used by companies in over 50 countries.

PCN thrives on innovation, but what truly drives us is the opportunity to provide our Members with valuable benefits that can significantly enhance their business. Therefore, we are proud to be launching an exclusive collection of new training videos.

In general, stability often entails lengthy calculations that typically require an engineering degree. Nevertheless, we have condensed this complex subject into a single fundamental concept. What’s crucial is that we can achieve this through graphical representation, sidestepping the need for intricate calculations. Naturally, this approach can never replace the role of engineering, but it provides genuine insight into why one scenario succeeds while another falters.

The expertise obtained from the videos can be applied to your daily work immediately and illustrate that stability in the various domains: transporters, cranes, and barges, essentially boils down to the same underlying principles of nature.


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