Wednesday, July 24, 2024
POP sees post-Brexit cargo opportunities

POP sees post-Brexit cargo opportunities

POP says the UK’s decision to leave the European Union offers potential new opportunities for cargo as it plans services to Amritsar and Ahmedabad.

POP, which stands for ‘People Over Profit’, intends to start flying in 2017 to Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Amritsar in Punjab, aims to open new trading links between the UK and Northern India, as India engages in its ‘Make in India’ campaign to boost manufacturing.

Proposed air cargo reforms in India include 24 hour customs processing with paperless systems, promoting free trade and warehousing zones and implementing airfreight stations.

POP founding partner, chairman and principal, Navdip Singh Judge says: “The recent talks between the UK and Indian governments about a possible preferential or free trade agreement following the Brexit decision makes us even more confident about the cargo opportunities that POP can look forward to.”

It says manufacturers and producers in Northern India will be able to take advantage of direct flights to the UK to export goods such as fruit and vegetables, sugar cane, tea and chicken, as well as manufactured goods such as textiles.

Ahmedabad is known for manufacturing denim fabric and exporting jewellery and gemstones, as well as producing chemicals, cars and pharmaceuticals.


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