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ParceLive: real-time cargo tracking is vital during COVID

ParceLive: real-time cargo tracking is vital during COVID

ParceLive are proving that real time tracking technology is vital during the pandemic and will be valuable tool in the future. Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, global trade has seen a growth in the adoption rates of technologies such as automation, IoT, blockchain and 5G to turn the unanticipated into the envisioned for supply chains the world over. A tech-focused distribution system has enabled quicker identification of supply and demand which ultimately has saved lives. COVID-19 is vastly accelerating this digital transformation.

This year has been unprecedented in immediate demand globally for life-saving products. During the first quarter for 2020, there was a global shortage of PPE equipment due to widespread demand coupled with issues of obtaining the raw materials needed to make the products. In certain areas – supplies were reduced from several weeks’ supply to just a few days.

Hanhaa’s ParceLive device is a real-time cargo tracking service that connects users via the secure Hanhaa XG mobile network to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, method of transport, carrier or scale. They have been working with the world’s leading 3PLs and those wanting more security and information over their assets, to ensure smoother logistics at the time of global uncertainty.

“We work with logistics vendors and channel partners including Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, GEODIS, DS Smith, Arvarto and many, many others to enable them to see where their cargo is and whether or not the goods in transit are being transported in the optimum conditions. Insight is the key to delivering actionable, timely and lasting change to these complex systems,” commented Azhar Hussain, CEO ParceLive.

“ParceLive is uniquely positioned to scale up to the challenge as a result of our inbuilt return capability where the trackers are able to return to a Hanhaa fulfilment centre via freepost without the need for stamps or packaging. Not only is ParceLive environmentally sustainable, it’s commercially sustainable.”

“We deliver Insight as a service. What this means practically is a rapid, relatively frictionless adoption that can scale globally and does not burden the users with maintaining new technologies or meeting regulatory requirements. We handle all of that as a single point of responsibility.”

Customers are enjoying a wealth of insight and more streamlined processes with ParceLive. “We explored other trackers but ParceLive is the most intelligent on the market,” concluded Eliot Kirby, head of supply chain innovation at DS Smith.

ParceLive trackers can be used throughout a journey, with uninterrupted monitoring whether on road, ocean, air or rail and airline certification from the world’s largest carriers including British Airways, Etihad, KLM, AirFrance.

Azhar Hussain continued: “Covid has highlighted, in the pursuit of a smaller, faster world, how vulnerable we have become to disruption and how it rips through our social, political and working lives.

“With the velocity and volume of global trade trending upwards, timely, actionable and clear insight is crucial now more than ever. Unlocking these insights is at the heart of our mission to deliver Truth at Scale.”


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