Saturday, July 13, 2024
Pangea partners with Freightalia to help freight forwarders

Pangea partners with Freightalia to help freight forwarders

Freightalia has partnered with the Pangea Group to give its network of more than 300 independent freight forwarders access to an automatic quoting system to help engage with exporters, importers and agents.

The white label system is an automatic system for freight quoting and rate management that allows self-customisation from the platform branding to the system notifications.

Each freight forwarder has its own Freightalia domain that can be completely incorporated into their current website, and the system is primarily focused on sales, the main bottleneck for a freight forwarder, which presents elevated costs for the company.

Pangea Group network manager, Sarah Bidmead says: “There has been a lot of interest in the newly released system, as due to the fast-paced development of our modern world, freight forwarders have been receiving mounting pressure regarding digital changes. Various members are already users of the system and have created their own digital platform for automatic pricing.”

The network says that as customers demand faster pricing, a radical change in digital work systems is necessary as it is no longer feasible to wait for the prices from a supplier in order to send a quote to a potential client.

Pangea says it is necessary to anticipate the input of the rates from suppliers, airlines and shipping companies in an updated and well-organised system, and effective management of rates is the first stop to make the pricing process become automatic and instantaneous.

It adds that a powerful engine has to combine rates, items and specific markups for each client to deliver accurate offers in real-time.


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