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New Brussels Airport Fund supports sustainable projects in the airport’s vicinity

New Brussels Airport Fund supports sustainable projects in the airport’s vicinity

Connecting people, businesses and communities is Brussels Airport’s core mission. That is why the airport has for some time been supporting good causes that make a positive difference and bring people together. With the launch of the new Brussels Airport Fund, established in cooperation with the King Boudewijn Foundation, Brussels Airport wants to further strengthen its social role. Through this fund, organisations in the vicinity can, in response to an annual thematic call for proposals, request support for sustainable projects. For years Brussels Airport has implemented a sponsoring strategy whereby organisations are supported that focus on connection, sustainability and wellbeing, both on a national and local level. Brussels Airport is, for example, official partner of the Royal Belgian Hockey Association and sponsors various youth sports associations in the immediate vicinity. Now Brussels Airport is extending its sponsoring activities by also encouraging other sustainable local initiatives through a fund. “With the Brussels Airport Fund, we want to support social and sustainable projects in our region. For this we focus on local initiatives that promote the connection between the residents and their environment. Thanks to this fund, we can lend a helping hand to valuable actions and initiatives that benefit both people and the environment,” Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company, explained. With the start of the Brussels Airport Fund, Brussels Airport is also launching the first call for proposals. This year, local projects in the areas of nature and environment, energy or mobility that stimulate the connection between residents and their environment are eligible for support. Sustainability is central: the project will be judged not only by the positive impact it could have on the neighbourhood and climate, but also by the long-term results it will have. In addition, a clear financial plan of approach and specific targets are also very important. All non-profits, youth movements, local organisations, de facto associations, schools, etc. in the vicinity are eligible, as long as they propose a specific project and do not apply for support of their normal operations. Imagine, for example, a care farm wanting to lay out a vegetable garden, a cycling initiative for socially vulnerable groups, a new recreational wood or a youth association that wants to work on low-energy and ecological housing but does not have sufficient funds for it. The Brussels Airport Fund is an independent fund and has been set up under the auspices of the King Boudewijn Foundation. The fund manages the applications and an objective jury is responsible for the selection of the projects. The Fund’s initial resources consist of the proceeds from the auction of the airport’s art collection held several years ago. Organisations can apply for project support between €1,000 and €10,000 per project. Projects for this first call for proposals can be submitted until 18 September via the KBF website. Brussels Airport focuses on the local communities, so the projects must be carried out in one of the municipalities or cities in the vicinity.

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