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Mobile data means easier transactions for all

Mobile data means easier transactions for all

IT specialist and niche operator Hermes Logistics Technologies is looking at how it can incorporate latest technology trends like mobile, HTML5 and a new Windows user interface into a new generation product for airfreight handlers.

Hermes chief technology officer, Oded Lavee, tells Air Cargo Week (ACW) that a next generation product would include the latest industry standards like Cargo eXtensible Markup Language, new security protocols, cold chain and e-freight management as well as being fully aligned with new technology.

“This will enable us to simplify complex processes and allow more efficient warehouse handling. Such changes will be cost effective from the warehouse hardware point of view as more types of device, handheld terminals, tablets and touch screens, can be used,” he says.

Hermes has just finished with its new “work orders” innovation which aims to fully replace the paperwork order still prevalent in today’s cargo handling warehouses. “With the ability to use pre-set building blocks, the tool allows system administrators to create bespoke process flows that can be implemented in the Hermes handheld without the need for development,” explains Lavee.

“Users can be tasked to do anything from replacing a ULD [unit load device] battery to doing a temperature check as part of an integrated process or, like any warehouse work order, they can choose a flight, AWB [air waybill], ULD or customer and assign units of service directly into the system.

UK-based Hermes recently enhanced its multi-currency function within the accounting section of its air cargo management system in response to a request from Icelandair Cargo.
“New multi-currency enhancements allow Icelandair Cargo to automate the charge application, currency conversion and customer invoicing for complex tariff structures, specific customer agreements and local currency precision rules to efficiently streamline their accounting function,” explains Hermes product director, Simon Elmore. “It will save them a lot of time and limit risk when manually converting specific service elements from currency A to currency B.”

Multi-currency invoicing became increasingly important to Icelandair after a growing number of its fresh fish exporters began asking to do business in currencies other than the Icelandic krona. “To accommodate this, invoicing in other currencies has been done manually for the last few years,” says Icelandair Cargo IT manager, Bertel Olafsson. “But with more and more customers wanting this facility it was apparent that being able to do this directly through the Hermes accounting function was going to be the answer.”

Celebi Cargo Frankfurt had become the latest German cargo handler to upgrade to the latest version of the Hermes air cargo management system. The Perishable Centre Frankfurt will follow later this year. Hermes chief executive officer, Yuval Baruch, says he was, “very pleased,” that the German air cargo market had reacted so positively to a strategic company goal to upgrade all customers there to the latest version of Hermes. “The latest version gives our customers more scope to amend their systems quickly and handles anything from perishables to dangerous goods whilst embracing the most current technology available,” he adds.


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