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Lufthansa Cargo transported a Valais Blacknose sheep: video

Lufthansa Cargo transported a Valais Blacknose sheep: video

Lufthansa Cargo recently oversaw the transportation of Gaspar, a Valais Blacknose Sheep, from Budapest to Dublin. Although initially questioned due to Ireland’s abundant sheep population, Gaspar’s relocation was driven by the owner’s desire to keep him as a pet.


Before heading to Ireland, Gaspar stayed at Lufthansa Cargo’s Animal Lounge in Frankfurt. Budapest Vet Cargo and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics collaborated to make the journey possible.

“Recently, we had a sheep transport from Budapest to Dublin. Yes, we were also wondering about a sheep travelling to a country of 4,000,000 sheep. So, we asked, what’s the story behind it? As it turns out: Love,” wrote in Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo shared a video of Gaspar’s journey on LinkedIn, highlighting their commitment to safe animal transportation. Gaspar’s arrival in Ireland signifies the successful execution of Lufthansa Cargo’s logistics.

“Gaspar, a Valais Blacknose Sheep, moved to join a family in Ireland after spending his transit in our comfortable Animal Lounge in Frankfurt. If you have a pet yourself, you will understand that they are family, and they go where you go, no matter the species. Be it a dog, a cat, a horse, or a sheep… We are here for you when your pet has to travel”.

As Gaspar settles into his new home, Lufthansa Cargo extends its best wishes to him and his family. This transportation underscores the bond between humans and animals and Lufthansa Cargo’s role in facilitating such journeys.

Lufthansa Cargo transported a Valais Blacknose sheep: watch video online

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