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Liege opens ‘Horse Inn’ ready for the Olympic Games

Liege opens ‘Horse Inn’ ready for the Olympic Games

Liege Airport has opened a ‘Horse Inn’ a new infrastructure designed to upgrade its overall service provision for the transportation of horses and give horses on the move a first-class stopover.

The gateway says there is a “real need” for a specific rest and loading area for horses, which is only set to increase and says it is ready to send the best horses off to the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil this summer.

The Horse Inn is not only intended for horses being transported by air but also to accommodate them during transit by road and represents a total investment of 2.6 million euros.

With a view to developing this particular sector, Liege Airport called on recognised experts, including Grégory Wathelet, the Belgian number one show jumper and European runner-up.

He will now receive support from the airport, in return raising its international profile. In addition, Mr Félix-Marie Brasseur, twice world individual driving four-in-hand champion, is now an ambassador for the Horse Inn.

For José Happart, Liege Airport president, the new building is part of a well thought out development strategy: “This is a significant investment which is part of the services our airport offers to its clients (Lachs, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Icelandair). For some years now, Liege Airport has set the standard in the transport of horses and live animals.

“We are improving and diversifying our strengths so that horse owners, riders and grooms are fully satisfied. We are also fulfilling our mission of economic development in creating and consolidating jobs in Wallonia in the equestrian sector.”

Belgian minister for airport policy, René Collin, says: “This new tool is justified given the impact which the equine sector has on the Walloon economy – a total of almost 800 million euros – and the importance of this sector in neighbouring countries. Horses are not just about sport, they also have educational, touristic, agricultural and medical roles to play. The Horse Inn will help Liege Airport to stand out even more from the crowd and to offer undeniable added value to their clients.”

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