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KlearNow.AI reinforces its position as a global logistics leader

KlearNow.AI reinforces its position as a global logistics leader

KlearNow has announced a rebrand to KlearNow.AI to better reflect the company’s continued commitment to advancing the global logistics industry with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning (M.L.) technologies.

Based on an A.I. and M.L.-driven ingestion platform, KlearNow.AI helps power Industry 4.0 by digitising and automating import processes, dynamically connecting importers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, carriers and truckers with shipments. This provides real-time tracking of containers from origin to destination, extending shipment visibility and data connectivity. The technology can also determine the precise cause of delays and immediate actions needed to remedy the situation.

“Traditionally, supply chain management software resided only within defined, static ecosystems and silos,” said Rick Tellez, KlearNow.AI co-founder. “Once a shipment is outside of the original ecosystem, the linkages break, and data is transferred unstructured. Our proprietary A.I. and M.L.-powered platform structures this data automatically and is designed to be completely agnostic, connecting all parties within one platform to avoid any gaps in communication. This simplifies the entire logistics process, increases productivity and revenue and addresses labour shortages,” he concluded.

KlearNow’s A.I. and M.L.-powered platform expedites customs entry and haulage processes and improves productivity for brokers, Importers of Record and truckers by automating data capture, identifying exceptions and eliminating defects, overproduction issues, waiting times, and manual rework. KlearNow also delivers end-to-end shipment visibility to all related parties at the same time. Combined with the speed and accuracy of its customs clearance and haulage process, which eliminates bottlenecks and costly delays, many organisations have already adopted its platform.

“Documents vital to the shipment of billions of dollars of goods across borders have traditionally been handled through manual, paper-based entries and emailed as attachments, creating extreme complexity for importers, exporters and freight forwarders trying to manage hundreds of shipments simultaneously,” said Sam Tyagi, KlearNow.AI CEO and co-founder. “Our innovative A.I. is drastically improving the usability of digital data flows, and KlearNow.AI’s swift expansion in Europe and India emphasises the industry’s desire to digitise the entire supply chain.”

With a rapid 30-fold growth over the last two years, KlearNow.AI has emerged as a leader in Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS), providing smart solutions that help businesses address the increasingly complex challenges facing supply chains today. This rebranding represents a pivotal moment in the company’s journey and underscores its commitment to leveraging A.I. and M.L. to drive even greater innovation and automation of workflows in the logistics sector.

KlearNow has quickly expanded its presence beyond the US to the UK, Canada, India, Spain and now the Netherlands. It has doubled its global employee base and added more than 1,000 new customers in various industries, including furniture, industrial/manufacturing, food & beverage, automotive/transportation, apparel/footwear and chemicals.

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