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Jettainer puts the first fully certified fire-resistant containers into service for Lufthansa Cargo

Jettainer puts the first fully certified fire-resistant containers into service for Lufthansa Cargo

Jettainer’s customers can now enjoy the benefits of using the first fully certified fire-resistant AMX unit load devices (ULDs). The global market leader in outsourced ULD management is sourcing these containers from the American ULD manufacturer Satco Inc. These fire-resistant containers (FRCs) are certified in accordance with the latest Technical Standard Orders (TSO) C90e specifications defined by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). They can contain a fire for up to six hours, making them the safest certified ULDs on the market. Lufthansa Cargo will be the first Jettainer customer to use these containers.

ULDs are a critical line of defense before a potential cargo fire enters the aircraft’s hold. Jettainer’s customers now have the opportunity to use Satco Inc.’s fully certified fire-resistant AMX containers and benefit from the many advantages they offer. Fully certified to the latest FAA TSO C90e specifications, airlines can choose to use these new ULDs as an additional fire safety measure as these containers offer an unprecedented level of safety to the aviation community. This updated ULD design uses advanced materials to contain a fire for up to six hours, adding critical time for a flight crew to land the aircraft safely in a cargo fire event.

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Lufthansa Cargo is Jettainer’s first customer to operate fire-resistant AMX airfreight containers. Jettainer has been providing the carrier with 50 of these containers for this purpose since the beginning of June. “As a leading cargo airline safety is our top priority. That’s why we are constantly looking for solutions that reduce risks in freight transport. Our ULD management provider Jettainer makes great efforts to drive innovative ULD solutions. Thorough tests have confirmed that Satco’s new FRC containers are highly effective, and we are very pleased that we can now draw on this solution thanks to Jettainer,” explained Marcus Bezold, Head of Global Handling Performance at Lufthansa Cargo.

“These new fire-resistant ULDs are setting new safety standards in the air cargo industry. By rolling out their use, we are once again underscoring our commitment to the highest quality and innovation. We always strive to offer our customers the most innovative solutions on the market, which make their supply chains more efficient and provide cargo in transit with the best possible protection. The new containers are the result of close collaboration with Satco Inc., a renowned manufacturer with decades of technological expertise and commitment to quality,” remarked Frank Mühlenkamp, Director Global Operations at Jettainer.

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“Our main focus is to improve ULD safety by collaboratively working with our customers to address their safety concerns. One of our primary areas of focus has been the safe transport of lithium batteries. This is why we opened our Air Cargo Safety Research Center, the world’s first manufacturer-owned full scale burn test facility, to rapidly develop new Fire Resistant ULD designs to provide the best solution possible for our customers. We are very pleased to have Jettainer as a globally active collaborator, leveraging their insights gained while working with their airline customers and through their engineering team. Satco commends the leadership exhibited by Jettainer to deliver a higher level of safety for their airline customers through this Fire Resistant ULD deployment,“ added Randolph Chappell, VP Strategy at Satco Inc.

Satco’s containers are not just exceptionally safe but also made of sustainable materials. These ULDs are lighter, durable, and long-lasting.

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