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Hoensbroech to depart Lufthansa Cargo for Austrian Airlines

Hoensbroech to depart Lufthansa Cargo for Austrian Airlines

Lufthansa Cargo is making changes to its executive board with new roles for Alexis von Hoensbroech and Dorothea von Boxberg.

Von Hoensbroech, who is chief commercial officer for Lufthansa Cargo is to become the chairman of the executive board and chief executive officer of Austrian Airlines and von Boxberg will be the executive board member for products and sales at Lufthansa Cargo following approval of the supervisory board.

Lufthansa Cargo chief commercial officer, Alexis von Hoensbroech

Von Boxberg is vice president of global sales management at Lufthansa Cargo, with responsibility for areas including global performance management, pricing, airmail, product management and sales processes.

Her new role will include responsibility for the external organisation of sales and handling, revenue management, pricing, network planning and sales management.

Lufthansa Cargo chairman of the supervisory board, Harry Hohmeister says: “I am pleased to propose to the Supervisory Board Dorothea von Boxberg as the successor to Alexis von Hoensbroech, who is currently serving as Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Cargo. Her extensive management experience in strategy, product development and sales is an optimal prerequisite for this task.”

Von Boxberg joined Lufthansa in 2007 and headed the strategy and investments division of Lufthansa Passage from 2009 before assuming several positions in product management.

She was transferred to Lufthansa Cargo in 2015 and has headed the global sales management team since then.


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