Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Heathrow and Gatwick continue expansion campaigns

Heathrow and Gatwick continue expansion campaigns

Both Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport have continued their campaigns to receive approval for expansion following the news a decision will not be made until the Conservative Party has elected a new leader.

The UK government was due to announce whether Heathrow or Gatwick would receive approval for an additional runway this summer, but the decision will be delayed until at least October following the resignation of Prime Minister, David Cameron, after the UK public voted to leave the European Union.

Heathrow Airport chief executive officer (CEO), John Holland-Kaye says that £16 billion ($21.4 billion) of private investment for a third runway would result in 180,000 new jobs and £211 billion of economic growth across the UK, while Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate says it can be done much quicker.

Holland-Kaye says: “It will allow British exporters to trade with all the growing markets of the world, strengthening Britain’s position as one of the great trading nations.  And at a time of uncertainty a £16bn privately funded infrastructure investment will create jobs and growth across the UK.”

Outlining the case for Gatwick, Wingate says: “It is now clear that only Gatwick can deliver the expansion we need and do so by 2025. We can help improve our international competitive position by offering the fastest possible improvement to our trading links at a time when it is most necessary.”


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